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Challenge Post!

Those of you who know what's going on can skip right to the LJ-cut!

Here's how Queerditch Pub will work: I give you a topic/theme for the week, and you comment to this post with a pairing and either a word or phrase that somehow fits that theme. This is called a prompt. This prompt will then be presented in one of the drabbling rounds. Note that if you submit more than one prompt, the moderator may choose her/his favourite if there's not space for all of them.

And on that note, please remember that we're drabbling on Sunday, October 1st and we'll have ONE SESSION this week. The session's timeslot is 6:00 PM Eastern Time (that's 11pm for the Brits), and the chat for that will begin at 5:30 PM. I (seventybyheart on Y!M) will be starting the chat. If you don't receive an invite from me, I either don't have your Y!M name, or else you're invisible and I don't know you're there! If it's getting on and you haven't gotten an invite, please ping me and I'll add you to the chat.

So, CHALLENGE TIME! Give me a pairing and a word or phrase that fits the theme. We do need to know at least half an hour before the session is due to start, otherwise there won't be time to set up the drabble rounds! If you really, really can't think of a prompt but still want to come, drop your Y!M name in a comment so I'll know to invite you.

That said, onto the topic...

Food & Drink!

So now please post away, using the following template:

Yahoo! ID: (Please fill this out even if you think we have it)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! Happy drabbling!

Keep in mind, comments are screened. So if you don't think anyone's replied, this's why! ;)


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