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Drabble Session, Round 2

Harry/Draco -- Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans
Frank/Alice -- pancake
Seamus/Dean -- potatoes & ale


Draco screwed up his eyes. "Yuck! Sardine!"

Harry laughed. "Damn. You were right! All right... My turn!" He picked up light brown bean and studied it for a minute. "I think... it's earwax."

He popped the bean into his mouth as Draco raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Moments later, Harry sighed in annoyance and smiled slightly at Draco. "Alas! Toffee!"

Grinning, Draco studied Harry for a moment, then said. "All right, take the pants off."

Harry looked uncomfortable. "Draco... I..." He blushed. "I'm not wearing any underwear..."

Draco's grin widened. "All the better."

Harry/Draco -- Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

"I hate those things. The flavours are so diverse. You never know what you're eating. And those flavour codes don't do a thing," Draco complained, dropping onto Harry's Saint Mungo bed. Once again, Harry had hurt himself playing Quidditch. Fallen off the broom to be exact. What a fool.

Harry simply popped one in his mouth and sat up, twisting gingerly. "That's the reason I like them. Bertie Bott's are good. You don't know what you're talking -- Urg!" Quickly he leaned over the bed and spat one into the bedpan. "Disgusting. Gasoline."

Draco couldn't contain his laughter. He doubled over.

"Wait!" Harry nibbled the next one thoughtfully, a smile growing over his face. "Yum."

Eagerly, Draco leaned forward. Nothing should make Harry smile with that look. The only time Harry gave that look was when he was sucking Draco's cock. Or, more precisely, when he was swallowing Draco's come.

"It tastes exactly like you." Harry leaned forward, diving his hand past Draco's trousers and in his pants. Draco, however, was enraged.

"They copied my taste!"

"Yep," Harry murmured against his stomach.

Draco blinked down at him. Since when had he moved into that position? "Aren't you still sore?"

"Nope." Slowly he eased Draco's trousers and pants down. Draco looked around the room, noticing that it was empty and hopefully would stay that way. But Saint Mungo's was a nosy place so it was only a matter of time before someone came in.

"Maybe I can sue them," Draco gasped, trying to keep calm when Harry's lips closed around the head of his cock. Then Harry's hand was inching its way up Draco's shirt and he really didn't care about suing anyone. Besides, Malfoy's didn't sue; they delved into the art of revenge.

Suddenly Draco realized the soft nub trailing up his stomach was the bean that Harry had nibbled. The bean that stole his taste. Draco knocked it out of Harry's hand and smiled at the soft plunk it made on the floor.

Harry's head popped up and Draco moaned at the loss. "What's that for?"

"Shh, get on with it. I want to come before someone walks in and interrupts." He shoved Harry's head down and could feel the smirk before his cock was enveloped in the tight heat again. Maybe instead of suing or going for revenge he would buy a lot of that flavour. If giving them to Harry turned out anything like this he would be getting a whole lot more blowjobs.

Frank/Alice -- pancake

"Breakfast in bed, love?" Frank asked, kicking the door open and strolling into the darkened room. There was a murmur from the pile of bed sheets. Carefully, he placed the tray on the dresser and flipped the light switch on.

There was a louder groan. "Frank!" She cut off to hack loudly. "It's too bright. Hurts my eyes."

Frank sighed and turned it off. "I made pancakes, eggs, and toast. Want some?"

"No." The word floated out of the blankets, highly muffled. "I'm sick. I don't want to eat. And my toes are hot."

The bed creaked as Frank plopped onto the end. "Then take off your fifty blankets."

"No. The rest of my body is freezing." She shifted and then her feet stuck out. They were but mere shadows in the darkened room. Frank reached out and touched them. Her giggle turned into another coughing fit.

"Alice, maybe you should see a healer. You've been sick for a week." He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to her toe. Then the middle of her foot. He watched as her toes curled before he laced kisses there.

Every so slowly her head peaked out of the blankets. Her eyes were bloodshot and there were huge bags under them. Her face was completely pale. "Carry me there?"

Frank leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forehead before pulling the blankets off and lifting her.

"Oh, Frank," she said when they reached the doorway. "I want a pancake to go."

Groaning, he leaned over and handed her one. "Alright now, love? Let's go get you fixed." Alice buried her face in his neck and held on tight as he apparated them.
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