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Welcome to Queerditch Marsh Pub, an HP Drabble Night Community and to our new, hopefully improved and more coherent userinfo!

Queerditch Pub is a weekly timed-drabble community. Drabbling takes place on Sundays, at two seperate sessions, one at 3:00pm, EST and the other at 9:00pm, EST. Queerditch Pub Drabble Nights are two-parters. We have the drabbling itself, which begins when one of the moderators posts the challenge on the community, which consists of 3-5 separate pairing/prompts, like "Remus/Sirius - knitting needles". Each drabbler chooses whichever one of the three they'd like to do, and when they're done (within 20 minutes ;D), posts the finished drabble as a comment to the challenge post. We all take ten minutes to read the drabbles and chill between rounds, then we lather, rinse and repeat until all the challenge-sets are done! :D

Challenges are taken from the weekly challenge prompt posts, which show up on the queerditch_pub community sometime on Saturday. Simply check out the theme, and leave a comment with your prompt(ie: the theme is arts and crafts, you suggest "Remus/Sirius - knitting needles"). It's not mandatory to submit a prompt in order to participate in Sunday's drabbling session, but it is reccomended. Additionally, if you have more than one suggestion, leave them both (though we can't guarantee all of them will be used). This is also where you leave your Y!M name so we know to invite you to chat.

The chat is the second, and entirely optional, part of Queerditch. One of the moderators -- usually starrysummer (starrysummer47), seventybyheart (acciofuzzy) or caretta (political_fiction), but occasionally someone else -- starts a queerditch chat on Yahoo's instant messaging service (at 2:30 pm EST and 8:30pm EST), where everyone is encouraged to act like a mad fool. ;) (We also encourage responsible drinking :D) We work on Yahoo Messenger, but we have on occasion moved to AIM in the case of some members being unable to access their Y!M accounts.

As it stands, we have anywhere between about a dozen and two dozen "regular" members of the community who come every Sunday, but we are ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE. We offer a no pressure drabbling environment and we love new people. We maintain a very relaxed atmosphere, which we think helps everyone produce their very best. So if you're curious, by all means friend this community and reply to the next Schedule post if you want to take part. And there's no lasting commitment, either, so if you only want to try it once, and never approach us again, that's perfectly fine.

And if you've no inclination to take part, that's more than all right, too. If you'd like to watch, friend the community in any case, and enjoy the drabbles! We've got some wonderful people here, so we're sure you'll enjoy your reads.

Peace, all, and happy drabbling, wherever you may partake in it!

Frequently asked Queerditch Questions:

Do the drabbles have to be 100 words?
No, not at all. Regardless of your personal definition of drabble, Queerditch is, as stated, VERY relaxed. Write when you want and stop when you're done.

I submitted a prompt but now can't make it. Is this okay?

I didn't submit a prompt, but now I want to come. Is this okay?

I want to participate but don't have Y!M. Am I still allowed?
Yep. You can either simply drabble on LJ and refresh the community every half hour to find new prompts or download Y!M from yahoo's website.

Y!M blows.
This is not a question, but, yes, it kinda does sometimes. But we still like it better than AIM.

What happens if I don't finish within 20 minutes?
You get ten extra minutes before the next round is posted. Finish up. Or don't. Again, very flexible. We like to make amusing threats often involving squid, but there's no carrying them out. It's all for fun here, right?

What, wait do I do with my drabble?
Reply to the for whatever round the drabble's for and leave it as a comment. You're welcome to post it wherever you want after that.

Ooo, this round has some good stuff. Can I write two of them?
Write as many as you want.

I wrote my drabble, but it ended up having a different character/not including the prompt. Can I still post it?
That's fine. These things - the themes, the prompts - are intended as jumping off points. We mostly use ships (ie Remus/Sirius - knitting needles rather than Remus - knitting needles) because it gives a bit more flexibility, two characters instead of one. You're welcome to write a gen drabble, or focus on one of the characters.

What is with this squid stuff?
Squid is for lovin' not eatin'. We like tentacles and are easily amused. I think.

Do these instructions make no sense? Important questions we've failed to answer? Please direct all questions, comments and squid to starrysummer.